design / build

is committed to providing you with the best remodeling experience possible.  There
are a myriad number of details, decisions,
and possibilities that can be overwhelming
for those who haven't traveled the
'remodeling path' very often.  Be assured that
you are truly in the driver's purpose
is to assist you in turning your thoughts into reality.
My mission is to understand fully what you envision your final result to be,
examine possibilities, and the cost to achieve that goal, and then strategically
budget and plan toward that end.  Communication is the critical element.


You may have a very distinct idea of what you want, you may not.  Maybe you know

where you want to end up, but you are confused as to how to get there;  that's where

I can help.  I make a point to keep abreast of  'project appropriate' products, conveniences,

methods, materials, and resources...knowledge that becomes invaluable in assisting

you in the design of a project that you will be living in for many years.


Paul Leverton design/build focuses on quality construction and pays special tribute

to aesthetics, functionality, and value for the dollar.

Each project is managed to reflect the importance of detail and how the smallest

of these details contributes to the whole.   Ingenuity and an eye for solutions make

my team the obvious choice for inspired recognition of your remodeling goal.

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