Sometimes a 'down to the studs' remodel just isn't going to happen.
Tuition, retirement, and other un-fun things in life can get in the way of something full scale.
The need to update, organize, or freshen, however, may be long overdue.

Sometimes, 'just a stud--here and there' remodel is more appropriate, more affordable, and addresses the issues of an otherwise efficient, and pleasant, living space.

The following portfolio gives examples ranging anywhere from one stud to virtually all studs, determined primarily, by the resources we had to work with. I've included a few before photos so you may see how existing spaces were negotiated to achieve our final result.

Hazelfern                                   Ankeny

The Hazelfern kitchen was basically worn out and had suffered from several well intentioned remodels.
We retained the layout, as it was a very workable and familiar environment. Although everything in the room is new, the largest impact was to coordinate two unrelated windows into a larger single window, giving the room a sensible scale. Everything else fell into place.

The Ankeny kitchen was long overdue for a freshening, the '60s kitchen in a '20s English was...well...pretty '60s, and the 'work triangle' just didn't triangulate. Making sense of the work zones, creating conveniently accessible storage space, and fitting it all around an existing
and obtrusive chimney was a challenge. Selection of surface materials and custom cabinetry
to compliment the rest of the house brought the room closer to its roots and made for a coordinated work space that actually works.

Alameda                                    Greystoke

The Alameda and Greystoke kitchens involved 'tune ups'. Functionality was okay, surfaces...not so much. We addressed unique issues of lighting, fixtures, repair and modification of cabinets, flooring, countertop, paint and...voila! kitchen, bank account intact...remarkable.

The Tabor kitchen is an example of how appropriate placement and the value of a few more inches can enliven a crowded work space. Although the kitchen was over a decade old, I was able to locate cabinets that coordinated seamlessly with the old. We were able to retain some old, blend some new, reposition the appliances and expand the floor space by a whopping six inches in one direction...not much. Defying all logic, this minor expansion allowed us to dramatically increase the size of the refrigerator, sink, storage, and usable counter space. We had so much fun with this one, the homeowner decided to add a family room and main floor laundry room shortly thereafter.


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